Monday, October 31, 2016

Trumposaurus Rex!

         Trump and T-Rex! A match made in heaven! A match capable of both mass destruction and tax destruction! Hope you enjoy! Buh-Bye!

Felt Tip Trump!

        Everybody loves a cartoon Trump with a bad hair-do!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Political Apocalypse: Part 4

  YES! The True Dankest Meme! One Meme to Rule Them All! Part 4 of 4 of Political Apocalypse! I hope you enjoyed my comic strip because it took me quite some time to pull this together, but if you didn't, leave it in the comments section below and as always! I will see you, in the next post! Buh-Bye!

(Note, the conversation goes in chronological order: Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama.)

Political Apocalypse: Part 3

      Part 3! Part 4 is the final panel. . .

Political Apocalypse: Part 2

     Part 2 of the Political Apocalypse is Here! Part3 almost done. . .

Political Apocalypse: Part 1

         Hello there, people of the inter web. My first name is Mike, last name Rotch. I am making a comic strip called Political Apocalypse! This is Part 1! Part 2 is on the way. Just hit refresh.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Political Apocalypse Meme!

In the apocalypse, 4 shall rise

             Hello! I'm Baaack! Back again with another meme! In this meme, I have created the apocalyptic World War 3! A dystopia with Trump's Wall responsible! Only 4 shall rise and release the  revolution! Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, post it on the Internet, and as always! I will see you, in the next post! Buh-Bye!

The Munsters Horror Comedy cartoon!

        Hello there, people of the inter-web who obviously have nothing better to do. My name is on a need-know basis. and I've made the Munsters! If you don't know who the Munsters are, look 'em up ya lazy bums! As you can see, Dracula made a mess, and his wife is giving him the business! The uncle Uncle Ecto scared little zombie Zane, and now Zane's head is about to be in 2 places! Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did, leave a comment in the space below, and as always! I will see you, in the next post! Buh-bye!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Memelage 2.0!

Wassup! Its Dat Boi in the Memelage! try to find Waldo in the new, improved Memelage 2.0!

(Warning: Enhance image to find Waldo. Also, contents may be too memish for the average human. THIS WILL GIVE YOU CANCER.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Colorful Birdy!

Hey guys. It's me. back with another post again. As you can see, I have turned a plain bird to a colorful mess. I used Photo-Shop to add feathers for patterns and a gradient fill for the background. Hope you all enjoy, and as always, I will see you, in the next post. Buh-Bye!

Dank Memelage!

    What's up! It's me! TG13! As you can see, I have done it! After the 3 phases of memes collected, i've created the dankest Waldo Collage in the history of Earth! HAHA! HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHA!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!HAAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Try to find Waldo in the maze of memes and memes! Good luck, and as always! ! will see you, in the next post. Buh-Bye!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Kaleidoscope! (AKA Welcome Back!)

   Hola amigos! Itsa me! TG13! Forget PG13! In this post, you can clearly see a kaleidoscope with 6 lines dividing it. In the middle, an epicenter! I made fractures on the 4 wings on the diagonal directions to show that time is in pieces! Well, anyway, thank you so much for looking, and if you like, leave a comment on the comment section below! And as always, I will see you, in the next post! Buh-Bye!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

An Update!

    Hey Guys! It's me! Just an update for the business. Business has been slow, but I will try to post when I can. Hope you all have a wonderful day, and as always! I will see you, in the next post. Buh-Bye!